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Metro Logic Incorporated - ESTD. 1985

Since 1985, Metro Logic, Inc. has served the electronics industry across the United States. We have met the needs of our customers in various roles.

When a major computer company was designing a custom motherboard for the Mexican government, Metro Logic was able to make suggestions that saved an estimated $500K within six months.

For a producer of high speed communications microchips, we became a partner to produce proof-of-design cards to market the chips to OEM companies.

As a partner in the medical field, Metro Logic has helped to develop PCBs for bio-feedback, brain wave analysis, MRI, dental, ultrasound and x-ray equipment. We have also helped design circuits used in cancer research.

As a consultant Metro Logic has laid out the circuit board designs for monitoring internal winds in hurricanes and other severe weather modeling.

In making modifications for an automated dairy system, Metro Logic was able to reduce a noise problem. The shielding implemented in the new board design reduced failures by 99.7%.

Military electronics, systems for border security, and home automation systems have been designed for various corporations.

Electronics used for a major space telescope project were designed for a local aerospace company.

Also, PCBs have been completed for a mid-western avionics company for government helicopters.

Over 3,000 board designs, for more than 1,700 products in more than 45 industries.