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Helping Companies Bring Technology to Market

Established in 1985, Metro Logic, Inc. has served the electronics industry across the United States.

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Your Desired Technology

  • Analog
  • High Speed Digital
  • Power
  • RF / Impedance Controlled
  • Flex
  • Rigid/Flex

PCB Design Environments

  • Reverse Engineering from Gerbers
  • Altium Designer Suite
  • CS Eagle
  • Inputs from other CAD programs

Design to Meet Your Needs

  • IPC Specifications
  • UL Specifications
  • FDA Specifications
  • JPL 35120
  • Your Internal Specifications

Since 1985, Metro Logic has been working with engineering teams and entrepreneurs to bring their products to market in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Contact Metro Logic today, or email us with your project specific needs.